The Lexi Touch

  • 100% Premium Skim Powdered Milk Machine
  • Ability to make 50 drinks per hour
  • Mulitple one touch drink selections
  • Choice of regular or large drinks
  • Minimal cleaning, once a week only required

Machine dimensions PLUMBED: 75cm high, 57.4cm deep, 41cm wide
Machine Dimensions TANKED: 78cm high, 53cm deep, 53cm wide




Least Hassle Option!

We can set you up with the Lexi Touch on a "free on loan" arrangement. Never pay for the coffee machine, just for the drinks produced! 

Your office as a whole will need to commit to drinking a minimum of 35 cups of coffee each day.

We will automatically manage shipment of beans, consumables and cleaning product.


The RENTAL offer allows you to pay a fee each month for the loan of your coffee machine. The RENTAL fee includes machine maintenance as required. The RENTAL term agreement is for a minimum of 24 months.

All consumables must be purchased from Lavazza Office Coffee


Purchase options available. Call us to learn more about our offers.