1895 – Turin, the Luigi Lavazza grocery store opens in a small brick building at Via San Tommaso, number 10.

Luigi had graduated from the Municipal School of Chemistry in 1892 and surrounded himself with various origins of coffee in search of the ideal characteristics to create the perfect blend.

1910 – Lavazza revolutionizes the coffee industry by releasing multiple blends into a market dominated by single origin varieties.

1927 – Lavazza becomes a public limited company, growing in size and scope. A dedicated vehicle fleet and sales network open up the world for the fledgling company.

A new doubled-layered paper packaging is launched allowing for households to keep coffee fresh for longer and maintain the aroma.

1946 – Italy becomes a Republic and the coffee embargo is lifted. Lavazza streamlines their business into specialty packaged coffee bearing the company trademark.  

1955 – Lavazza sets up their first modern production plant allowing a huge 40,000kg of coffee to be processed every day.

1958 – Lavazza launches the innovative vacuum sealed tins, making storage easier and distribution that much wider.

1959 – Lavazza begins distribution of their first decaffeinated blend, Dec.

1965 – Lavazza continues their industrial growth by opening Europe’s largest roasting plant.

1968 – Lavazza launches the world’s first vacuum-sealed bag, once again increasing storage times and distribution range – taking over the world of coffee.

1979 – Lavazza creates the Luigi Lavazza Center for Studies and Research on Coffee, the world’s largest coffee training school that continues to this day.

1980’s – Lavazza sets off to conquer the world with overseas expansions, growing subsidiaries in Paris and London.

1990’s - Lavazza creates the coffee vending industry by launching Lavazza Espresso Point – an espresso machine that uses a single-serve, pre-packaged coffee capsules.

Drawing on years of collaboration with artists and cutting edge advertising, Lavazza explores their passion and history with coffee through a photo shoot and calendar launch, beginning an era of association with sophistication and couture that continues today.

2000 – Lavazza Blue series of machines and capsules is launched to world-wide market success.

2004 – The Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Foundation is opened, dedicated to improving the lives and conditions of people in coffee growing areas.

2014 – Lavazza coffee is sent into space with a specially constructed espresso machine installed on the International Space Station.

2015 – 120 years of passion and tradition continues!


Lavazza Coffee Machines

Lavazza was born in 1895. It’s been a busy 120 years full of innovation and triumphs that has made Lavazza coffee Italy’s favourite. Over a century on and we’re still able to provide you with delicious coffee and the highest quality Lavazza coffee machines.

Lavazza in Australia

Following World War II and the influx of Greek and Italian immigrants, Australia began their love affair with coffee. The coffee culture that refused to accept Starbucks has enjoyed Lavazza coffee for more than 30 years.

Australia welcomed Lavazza coffee beans in the 1970s, a full 10 years before the UK or US, and has never looked back. In a country of coffee snobs, the quality and tradition of Lavazza shines through.

Australia’s coffee culture has evolved through the decades with traditionalists and hipsters alike, approving coffee as their beverage of choice. Lavazza has moved hand-in-hand with it, holding true to their roots but embracing our young nation and what we have to offer.

Now Australians are able to enjoy Lavazza machines and beans from their office, ordered easily online. What a way we’ve come!


Sydney – Melbourne – Hobart – Adelaide – Brisbane – Canberra – Perth – Byron Bay

  • Lavazza Italian Film festival – Across Australia we love good entertainment and our multi-cultural heritage lends itself inexorably to world film festivals. French, Latin, Greek, Iranian and Korean – everyone has their favourite but ours by far is the Italian film festival. Always beautiful and usually heart-wrenching while still maintaining a wonderful sense of humour, the Lavazza Italian Film festival also has the added bonus on having both an award-winning coffee and mouth-watering ice-cream as sponsors.
  • Australian Open - November 2015 saw Lavazza announced as the official coffee sponsor of the Australian Open – completing the tennis superfecta of all four world tennis titles. And they did it in style with the Lavazza Superbox boasting fresh food from a Sydney chef and sparkling wine from Adelaide allowing their guests to soak in the talent on the court while enjoying the best Australia has to offer. Among regular tennis punters, Lavazza was out and about with multiple outlets across the tournament. Serving hot and cold beverages alongside delectable morsels to complement their delicious coffee, Lavazza added honey to the gold by offering a free coffee hour – spanning 2 hours – right in the heart of the Open.
  • Lavazza at the races – the race that stops a nation doesn’t stop for tea breaks, but they might be convinced to sneak in a coffee or two. As an official partner of the Melbourne Racing Carnival, Lavazza has enjoyed more than a decade of glitz and glamour  amongst the Australian influential, sharing in their love of elegance and indulgence.