So how does it work? 

We have a great range of plans and prices so that you can choose how much you pay based on how many coffees your office drinks. The more drinks you consume within your office the less expensive each cup us. Simple right? We offer two tiers of consumption aimed at small-medium businesses as well as large. Our plans are tailored to suit your company and ensure you get the most out of your hired coffee machine.

Everybody loves the smell of coffee in the morning and most people enjoy a cup of coffee to start the day. Our coffee machine hire lets you fill the office with the sweet aroma of coffee while boosting productivity and morale within your workplace. A hired coffee machine saves everybody money on expensive coffees straight from cafes which can vary depending on the barista. Our machines make the same great cup of coffee every time with less than half the waiting time.

To save you from worrying about the commitment of a leased coffee machine we have removed all of the time consuming and difficult tasks such as maintenance and cleaning. All of our plans include scheduled maintenance by our experienced techs to keep your hired coffee machine working longer. This takes the worry out of your hands so that you can enjoy everything about a great coffee without the price tag or constant maintenance.

How much should your office be drinking each day to make leasing a coffee machine worthwhile?

Our base coffee machine covers up to 35 cups or more a day and can make up to 50 drinks per hour for those special events.

Why lease rather than buy?

The ongoing assistance and cover that you receive from renting a coffee machine means that you’re always kept up to date and covered for any expenses. Paying per coffee is both cheaper and allows you to upgrade your coffee or package at any time. By renting one of our coffee machines you are ensuring that each cup is just as delicious as the last. Our Lavazza coffees are sure to become a favourite within the office.