Want to reward your employees with delicious coffee?

With a passion for great coffee and a keen eye for style, we here at Lavazza know our coffee machines. We also understand that sometimes all you need is a little energy kick to get you through your busy day at work.

Our business coffee machines and beans might be just what your office needs to boost productivity and morale within the work place. Now our techs know coffee machines and they love helping businesses discover what will work best for their office size and coffee consumption. We also offer scheduled maintenance with regular check-ins for cleaning.

If your workplace consumes between 30-100 coffees a day, then our company coffee machine called ‘The Campione’ would be a perfect fit. With an ability to make around 50 drinks per hour The Campione has a ton of customisation and even an automatic milk dispenser which allows you to fill your office with the aroma of fresh coffee at the touch of a button. Our business coffee machines help to boost your workplace vibe and are a great fit for any space and office size. They’re sure to be a winner with your co-workers!

Our range of corporate coffee machines are easy to use, with no added maintenance on your behalf. They also offer a whole range of choices and make a variety of different sizes. The prices that we offer are based on the number of coffees your machine produces each day/month so you only have to pay for what your company consumes.