Lavazza Gran Espresso Beans

<strong>40%</strong>Arabica <strong>60%</strong>Robusta <strong>60%</strong> Robusta


Brazil, Honduras, Uganda, Indonesia

Arabica beans from Central and South America; washed Arabica from Brazil for a sweeter and more balanced flavour, natural Arabica from Honduras for a finer and slightly acidic flavour; and Robustas from Uganda for spice and Indonesia for intensity.


This espresso blend is a medium roasted for a medium dark brown colour of bean and produces an espresso with a consistently easy crema. Perfect for milk based drinks, Lavazza’s most versatile bean.


Creamy and balanced, rich and full-bodied with hints of dark chocolate and spice that envelop the senses. Smooth and light while still giving a strong, flavourful experience, the aftertaste  is gently persistent without the bitterness that often accompanies similar blends.

An international blend sampling the best the world has to offer to combine into a coffee representing the vitality of Southern Italy.