Q. What does Capo, Campione and Candido mean?

A. Capo is Italian for Boss – the one in charge
    Campione is the champion – winner of design and functio
    Candido is an Italian word meaning white, candid, pure, ingenious, snowy, comfort

Q. I’m outside of a capital city, am I still able to get your coffee offer?

A. Yes. We are located in Melbourne and have technicians operating in most capital cities; even if we do not have a technician in your area we are able to accommodate all of Australia.

Q. How much milk will I need to buy?

A. As with any coffee machine, the amount of milk you use will depend on the number and size of cups you serve.

Q. We go through 500 coffees a day, how many machines will I need?

A. Surprisingly, just the one – all 3 machines are high capacity and the Capo has the ability to dispense 200 cups in a single hour.

Q. Do we have to put in plumbing for the machine?

A. As these are high capacity machines, they are easiest used when connected to plumbing rather than with a tank that needs refilling. However, a tanking system is available fpr both the Capo and Campione, but not the Candido.

Q. I love Lavazza! But my boss is not so sure, can we do a trial with the machine?

A. We offer showroom demonstrations for customers in the Melbourne area so you can taste the coffee and see how the machine works. We also have demonstrators in some areas who will  talk you through the options on site.

Q. Do we need to clean and fill the machine?

A. Yes, in order for your machine to be hygienic and operating at its best you do need to complete some simple daily cleaning procedures and fill the machine as required. Our machine technicians will come and visit capital city sites on a regular basis for a service and deep clean if this is included in your agreement, or can be requested by appointment.

Q. How do I order more coffee?

A. Lavazza Office Coffee will keep you stocked at all times with coffee and chocolate for your machine depending on what you use. However, if you find you are drinking more just let us know!

Q. How much will this cost me upfront?

A. This will depend on the offer you select. If you choose to PURCHASE the machine, this can be done via a one off payment, or pending a credit check, you may be elegible for a payment plan. If you have chosen FREE ON LOAN, there is NO upfront cost. All customers are set up with a 7 day account and your first month's use will be invoiced to you at the end of the first month. Finally, if you choose to RENT the machine, invoices must be paid up front and in advance. You will need to pay for the first months use of your machine, and all consumables, prior to recieving.  

Q. We are on a Pay Per Cup agreement. What happens if we drink more than the specified cups per month?

A. That’s fine, we reconcile the charges based on the machine date and charge you for the cups consumed.

Q. We are on a Pay Per Cup agreement. What happens if we don’t drink the specified cups in our plan each month?

A. For every cup you do not drink per calendar month, you will be charged a fee of 20 cents per cup to make up the difference.

Example: if you are on a 1000 cup per month plan, but only drink 900 cups you will be charged $20 (100 x $0.20) on top of the cost of cups you drink.

Q. If I chose the ‘no lock in term’ plan can I change to a 30 month plan along the way?

You sure can. 50% of the months you have already been with us will be counted and will reduce the length of the 30 month contract term.

Q. I like my coffee strong, would I be paying more for this?

A. The strength of coffee can be set to your preference, a regular, strong coffee is charged at the same rate as a large sized cup.

Q. How much are the coffee beans?

A. If you are on a pay per cup agreement, you are not charged for the beans, but rather for the cups consumed. 
    If you have chosen a Rental or Purchase agreement, you can purchase the Gran Lavazza Espresso Beans at $25 per kg as required.

Q. If I chose the ‘no lock in term’ plan, can I return the machine at any time?

A. Yes, you can return the machine by providing written notice after the initial 90 days. 

Q. I have a question that isn't listed here

A. Please call us on 1800 619 349 and we will do our best to answer it