The Candido - Plans and Pricing

The Free on Loan Freedom Plan

Freedom to continue, leave or change your plan as your requirements change!
Choose a plan that suits you based on your monthly or daily coffee consumption. Each month you will be charged based on the number of regular and/or large drinks consumed.


Monthly Coffee Consuption
Daily Consumption
(5 day per week)
Price per Drink
1500 75 $0.60 
2000 100 $0.55 
2500 125 $0.53 
3000 150 $0.50


Purchase Offer

The Purchase Offer allows your to buy the Lavazza Candido Coffee Machine outright. No contract, No monthly payments, just purchase consumables as you require them.

Currently we have a BUNDLE DEAL offer available, which includes the machine, milk fridge, coffee and chocolate consumables, cleaning products, warranty and more.

Contact our friendly sales staff today on 1800 619 349 for more information!


Rental Agreement

The Rental Agreement allows you to pay a monthly fee of $299+GST for the machine. You can then purchase the consumables required on an as-needed basis. 

Under this agreement, ALL consumables must be purchased from Blue Pod Coffee Co.